American Furniture & Mattress

Returns Policies:

•   Keep in mind most furniture stores have a “no return or exchanges policy”, but we know that

sometimes it takes a few days to see if your furniture works for you. That's why Big Bobs has a 7

Day Reselection period for your purchase on all furniture excluding items sold “as-is” or “floor


•  There will be a 10% restocking fee charged for items that are exchanged. (and second delivery

fee, if you want us to deliver). If the price of your new selection is more, you will also be

responsible for paying the price difference between the previously purchased items and the

new selected items. There will be no refund for items that are less expensive than your original


15 Day Mattress Exchange Policy:

•   The 15 day period begins the date you receive your new sleep set. Big Bobs will allow a one-

time re-selection only after the 30 day adjustment period.

•   You may select a mattress of equal or greater value. If you select a sleep surface of greater

value, you will be responsible for the difference in price. If a reselection is of lesser value, no

refund will be made.

•   The customer will be responsible for getting the mattress back to our location, or pay a delivery

fee for the pick-up and exchange.

•   The original invoice must show that you purchased a mattress protector for the exchange to be

valid. If you did not purchase a mattress protector from Big Bobs, then we will not allow an

exchange to take place.

•   Please take your time in your reselection choice; only one exchange is allowed per customer.

•   Reselections are not allowed if it is an issue regarding dimensions or height.

•   All reselections are subject to a 10% restocking fee

•   We always encourage our customers to carefully inspect any merchandise that is sold “as-is” ,

or “floor models”. You and your sales rep will inspect and sign off on these items that state you

are taking the merchandise in its current condition.

Big Bobs strives to make each and every one of our customers happy and comfortable with their

purchase. Please keep in mind that there are many steps, and variables that go into the furniture

purchasing process on our end, which is why most furniture stores do not allow returns or exchanges.

Steps and variables that go into the purchasing process:

1. Time spent with customers from our sales reps.

2. Time spent with customers from our finance department.

3. Purchasing your product from manufacturers and distributors.

4. Shipping cost of getting your product from the manufacture to our location.

5. The commission paid to our sales team.

There are many other variables that go into this process that aren’t listed, so please keep this in mind.

We will do everything in our power to make our customers happy. However, we do not do cancellations

for the reasons listed above. If you have any questions regarding this matter please feel free to call or

email Big Bobs at any time. Thank you for your business!