American Furniture & Mattress

What do I need to bring if I’m picking up my merchandise?

If you are picking up your merchandise please bring your invoice so we can verify you as the customer and the products you are picking up.

What does American charge for assembly?

The assembly charge will be decided at the time of the sale. We Do Not do not charge up to 10% of your ticket purchase like other stores do, nor do we try and profit from our delivery service like other stores. We keep our pricing as reasonable as possible, so our customers can still feel comfortable about their purchase.

What does delivery and assembly include?

Delivery and assembly means that our delivery team will take the merchandise into the house, remove the merchandise from its boxes and assemble everything in the rooms requested by the customer. The boxes and trash will then be removed from the house and taken by the delivery service unless the customer asked them not to. Once the assembly is finished the customer will then sign off on the ticket stating that the merchandise was received in good condition.

When will the furniture be delivered?

A representative from the store will call you once the merchandise has made it to the store. At that time you and the store representative can decide on a delivery date and time slot that best fits your schedule. Please allow a 4 hour window for the delivery.

Will the American delivery team disassemble, move, or remove my old furniture?

We want to eliminate any surprises at the time of delivery. So unless it’s discussed at the time of sale, we will not disassemble, move, or remove old furniture. There will be a fee for this service that will be agreed on at the time of sale if needed. If this does not apply to you, then we suggest that you have the rooms ready to accommodate all the furniture being delivered or assembled to help ensure us a safe and fast delivery. 

What date and times are available for delivery?

Our delivery team will be off on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Deliveries will be made from 10am to 8pm Thursday through Monday. 

** American Furniture and Mattress uses a third party delivery service for all orders.

Please direct any additional delivery questions to

U.S. Delivery Service

832-322-8569 ( ask for Cesiah )